February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's

Lest you get a different idea about me, let me say that this cupcake was made by my most delightful niece, Lauren, who came over to my apartment yesterday. I wouldn't make something so sweet looking on my own, would I?

Happy Valentine's Day.

Feb. 16: And because I can't say enough about my most delightful niece, here's the cute sign she made for her cupcakes at my office. She had the day off from school, which seems a little strange to me, so she hung out at my work for few hours in the morning. My colleagues were quite happy with their "breakfast"! I found my niece a portable white board and she was having so much fun (playing school!) that she hated to leave when her mom came by to pick her up at lunch time. Not a bad Valentine's day.

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