January 16, 2005

Our dinners this week

Sunday: Soup made with 2 cornish hen; dessert - Asian pear; afterdinner snack - popcorn. It was rainy and dark that day. One of the hen was really dark.

Monday: Angel hair pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce; dessert-Asian pear. I didn't have spaghetti and I made my own meatballs.

Tuesday: Curry with beef, kimchee; dessert-mango. I cheat with curry because I use the Japanese cube kind, not the real spices of Indian or Thai. I prefer Indian curry,however. One of these days, I'll try proper curry cuisine.

Wednesday: Pan fried sole, steamed broccoli, (micro)ovenbaked potatoes and wild rice; dessert-vanilla ice cream. Sole was on sale at Whole Foods and wild rice turned out to be more brown rice than wild. I don't really like brown rice.

Thursday: Donkatsu and perilla tempura (which I wrote about); dessert-vanilla ice cream.
Friday: Jambalaya at CAAM (which I also wrote about)

Anything eaten twice in one week deserves a photo, no?

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