January 30, 2005

The Original Pancake House

Dutch Baby!

M and I went to the Original Pancake House in Redondo Beach for lunch on Saturday. We went for lunch because there's usually a long line for brunch on weekends. There's nothing like a long, generous brunch/lunch on a weekend and this place has a large selection. M and I don't usually go out for brunch/lunch but we treated ourselves. This monstrous baby is the size of like Texas and I loved every moment of it. Just kidding. I ate about half of it and as good as it was, I couldn't bite anymore.

Years ago, I went to the Original Pancake House around Chicago and had a dutch baby there and I don't remember it being so thick. This was really thick in a custard like way. It was buttery, creamy and sweet. Even so, I felt nostalgic for thin French crepes with Nutella.


Anonymous said...

You use pretend words like brick-o-lax (a rather heavy chocolate stimulant sold principally at airports), but you don't say what it is you ate half of? (Apple pancake.) I'll bet you also claim to know, like, Phil Spector.

Aunt Ominous

Anonymous said...

Dutch Baby? I like, totally -- Glendale-ickly -- missed that!!!

Mike said...

Are you referring to the Original Pancake House in Oak Park, IL- just outside of Chicago?

I am currently teaching English in rural Japan and have grown quite fond of mochi treats, so i was browsing food blogs looking for a recipe when i stumbled across yours.

Oak Park is my hometown! what a strange connection