March 15, 2006

Spring is here!


I know I live in Southern California and don't really have much of a winter to speak of but it's been slightly dreary - if that's possible here - and cold recently. But the weather is warming up and I look with great anticipation the opening of each peach blossom everyday. The spring brings warm weather which affords one of the greatest pleasures for the sock-hating ladies - yes! the sandal season is coming! - and I suppose it would be a cliche to say that spring is anticipation itself of things to come, great and small but nevertheless exciting and perhaps new, but I can't help myself. just.

My spirits are up!

Here are some more of beautiful plant lives in the backyard. Just look. Don't they make you want to go out and spin around in the green, Julie-Andrews-style?

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john patrick said...

They are beautiful! but I don't think I have the Julie Andrews/spinning fantasy that you have.

Remember when you wanted to transform into a wolf... and run away? That was awesome.